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Veteran in the barber industry Damian A. has over 20 years experience as a master groomer. From Cuban decent Damian is a hispanic  gentlemen with a huge amount of discipline and respect. Referred to as the flat top and blow dry king Damian loves to style and prep the client for a voluminous look. Heavily skilled in handling shears you can rest assure your in good hands. Schedule your appointment with Damian today and "Experience The Difference"

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Manager of Red Carpet Barbershop Angel A. also known as Angel the Barber is a master barber with over 17 years experience. Angel's drive comes from the appreciation and customer satisfaction after each and every client. What separates him from most is the attention to detail in his work. A man of many hats, you never know what to expect, whether he's making the shop laugh or being a physchiatrist you are guaranteed an abundance of personality. With experience in servicing celebrities,  competing, and judging hair battles as well as being featured on the cut chemist instructional barber app you can be sure you're in good hands. Book your appointment with Angel today and "Experience the difference"

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Barber Chapo

"Come How You Are, Leave Like A Star".

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Do not be fooled by gender this woman can cut. First female barber Roxy M. has one of the largest arsenals of talent in the area. Whether you're looking for a clean fade, a razor shave, scissor trim, hair dyed, hair braided, the list goes on and on you will be surprised by this young driven barber. A young artist with a humble personality we guarantee you'll be surprised by her work. Schedule Your Appointment with Roxy Today and "Experience The Difference".

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The youngest member of the crew Barber Louis S. alias "Chapo" has a promising future in the barber industry. A talented individual who has progressed extremely well at a very young age will be sure to satisfy your grooming needs. A well rounded barber with great personality and attention to detail you can be sure your good hands. Book your appointment with Chapo today and "Experience The Difference"

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 Owner of Red Carpet Barbershop, Dency B. alias Dee Does It All is a master barber with over 8 yrs experience. Covering a wide variety of hair styles Dee's drive comes from learning and mastering all different hair types ranging from thin to coarse hair on all walks of life. Whether your looking for an edgy clean fade or a voluminous look created thru blow drying you've found your guy. Learn to properly style and maintain your own hair after you leave the shop as well as being enlightened on the best products to use with out damaging your hair. Heavily involved and dedicated to the barbering industry Dee is an accredited videographer who has been featured as well as filmed many barbering instructionals, hair battles, documentaries and much more. With experience in cutting celebrities Dee created a hollywood themed barbershop that would be an understatement to say "eye catching". Book your appointment with Dee today and "Experience the Difference"

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Sam I Am The Barber



Dee Does It All


​​​Barber Samuel V. also known as Sam I Am The Barber has over 5 years experience in the barber industry. Being knowledgable in a wide array of styles Sam's diversity covers many different cuts from fades to comb overs and beyond. One of the most customer friendly barbers you will run into you can guarantee a good convo as well as pride in every service. A skill that started at the age of 15 as a hobby blossomed into what today is now his life's passion and work. Book your appointment with Sam I Am today and "Experience The Difference"

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King A The Barber


​​​​KING  A

Barber Damian